Risk management for collections

With this publication the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands hopes to provide the knowledge that is required to analyse and manage risks to collections.


Which measures are most effective to reduce the likelihood of water damage in the museum? Does the lighting of the print collection need adjusting?  Does the museum really need complete climate control? Every day collection managers have to decide how to best let the public enjoy our cultural heritage. They weigh the benefits of collection use against the risks for preservation. When resources are limited it is essential to allocate them such that threats of degradation can be minimalized as effectively as possible. Risk management offers a practical and useful approach for comparing the options and setting priorities.

This publication is also available in Dutch.


Text: Agnes Brokerhof, Bart Ankersmit and Frank Ligterink
Interviews: Anne Versloot
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992834
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, April 2017
Original title: Risicomanagement voor collecties, Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, Amersfoort, July 2016