Application form for research and advice

You can request research and advice via this application form. Provide a well-defined question, provided with visual material.

General terms and conditions apply to the conduct of research and advice by the National Heritage Laboratory of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE).

Request for research and advice National Heritage Laboratory


Does the request relate to an object owned by the client?( *)


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Are samples likely to be taken?
Describe any special features of the samples or who will be taking the samples.
Describe the reason for your question and the intended application of the research result/advice
Do you have a preferred date of completion?( *)
For instance, the release date of a publication or the opening of an exhibition.
Upload a photo (full or detail) of the object to be researched here (© name, organisation) Files should not exceed 5 MB. Accepted file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .pdf.
Files should not exceed 10 MB. Accepted file types: pdf, gif, jpg, doc, xls, odt
Has the object been restored before?( *)
Has research been conducted on the object before?( *)
If the research was published, please note this as well.
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In what form?

General terms and conditions

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The general terms and conditions can be viewed via the link at the top of this form. Note: Please look carefully at Article 6 Publication and intellectual property rights.

Information about the processing of your personal data

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