Condition rating for paper object with iron-gall ink

The acids and metal ions present in ink can cause paper or parchment to deteriorate, a process known as ink corrosion. This publication provides readers with an insight into the four stages of deterioration.

Ink corrosion

It explains a method which has been specially developed to measure the damage caused by ink corrosion. The severity of the degradation of each object is expressed as one of four categories: good, fair, poor or bad. This rating can then be used as a basis for drawing up a treatment plan. This brochure shows exactly how paper degrades as a result of ink corrosion. It also explains how to recognize the extent of any deterioration.

This publication is also available in Dutch.

Publishing details

Series: ICN-information number 1
Writers: Birgit Rei├čland and Judith Hofenk de Graaff
Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, 2001