02 juni 14th Infrared & Raman Users Group Conference

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The conference will include oral and poster presentations addressing all aspects of the application of Infrared and Raman spectroscopy for the study, documentation and protection of the world’s cultural heritage.

Further informatin can be found on the IRUG website.


Registration: Free of charge, although donations to IRUG are encouraged.

Provisional programme

Day 1 Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Susan Lammers, Director Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE)
Boris Pretzel, IRUG Regional Chair Europe, IRUG Board Member;
Suzan de Groot (RCE), Conference Committee Chair, IRUG Board Member

Keynote speaker
John Delaney, National Gallery of Art, Washington

(5 min break)


A technical study of Chagall’s painting materials: the synergistic use of Raman and FTIR spectroscopy
Inez van der Werf, Suzan de Groot, Henk van Keulen, Madeleine Bisschoff, Meta Chavannes, Klaas Jan van den Berg

Comprehensive IR data analysis methods for the study of paint degradation processes
Joen Hermans


15 min break


Characterisation of lime-based paints by micro-Raman and external reflection FTIR spectroscopies
Simi Mangani, Gianluca Pastorelli

Non-invasive spectro-analytical characterization of silicate-based wall paintings
P. Moretti, Y. Ma, F. Piqué

To be filled
(5 min break)


The hidden secrets beyond a box. ARCAer PROJECT - Conservation and analytical study of antique ensembles of reliquaries
C. Barata, A. Pais, N. Camarneiro, D. Cunha, T. Ferreira, M. Nunes, A. Cardoso, Cristina Dias, A. Manhita

Raman, FTIR and SEM mapping of Paul Gauguin’s Poèmes Barbares
K. Eremin, G. Rayner, A. McClelland, T. Cavanaugh, K. Smith, M. Walton


End day one

Day 2 Thursday, June 3 , 2021


The use of polyethylene in conservation and object storage: A spectroscopic investigation into the chemistry of polymer additives
B.H. Stuart, P.S. Thomas, H. Jones-Amin, S. Wong, P. Nel

In situ identification of plastics: Evaluation, comparison and application of external and diffuse reflectance FTIR accessories
Eva Mariasole Angelin, Susana França de Sá, Marcello Picollo

(5 min break)

Preservation of collections: FTIR for testing suitability of self-sealing polyethylene bags for long-term storage and for damage assessment of objects, in particular archeological bone
M. Odlyha, C. Pearce, A. Fennelly, D. Thickett, P. Higgs

Project plastics: The role of FTIR in the development of the Plastic Identification Tool
Olivia van Rooijen, Carien van Aubel, Suzan de Groot, Henk van Keulen


15 min break

Poster session

The identification of organic dyes in painting by μFTIR and μRaman- spectroscopies
I.V. Burtseva, I.V. Balahnina

A discovery of methylene blue in a pictorial art: Case study of Portrait of Nicholas Roerich by Svyatoslav Roerich
Ekaterina Morozova, Irina Grigorieva, Irina Kuznetsova

Tracing the line: Investigating Hans Bellmer’s white drawings using Raman and transmission FTIR spectroscopies.
Abed Haddad, Chris McGlinchey, Laura Neufeld

Pigment identification in frescoes of the church Santa Maria Maggiore in Sovana
Meropi Katsantoni, Theodore Ganetsos, Tina Romantzi, Carmela Crescenzi,Foteini Stringari


Pigments from the legacy of Arnold Böcklin and Edvard Munch studied by synchrotron far-infrared spectroscopy
Ljiljana Puskar, Irina Sandu, Ulrich Schade, Hartmut Kutzke

Exploring the colourful avantgarde with micro-Raman spectroscopy
Rika Pause, Klaas Jan van den Berg

(5 min break)

17:30 Geranium lake pigment: structure and changes during ageing
Victoria Beltran, Andrea Marchetti, Karolien De Wael

Mansfieldite (AlAsO4 · 2H2O): A new white pigment in Himalayan artwork
Gregory Smith, Claire Hoevel, Patrick Cavanagh, Gregory Druschel (5 min break)


End day two

Day 3 Friday, June 4, 2021


IRUG spectral database: Spectral search feature & tutorial
Beth A. Price, Suzanne Q. Lomax, Boris Pretzel, Jeff Levi, Charles Davis, Fred Pease, Gabe Richards

To be filled

To be filled


Tibetan book covers: An investigation of the materials and techniques
T. Allscher, Simon Mindermann 

Characterization of materials in manuscripts by ER‑FTIR – strengths and weaknesses of the non‑invasive technique
W. Vetter, F. Cappa, M. Schreiner 


5 min break


Advanced vibrational spectroscopy methods for heritage science 
C. Conti, A. Botteon, C. Colombo, M. Realini, A. Piccirillo, F. Casadio, J. Park, M. Walton, S. Zaleski, P. Matousek

Vibrational spectroscopies for the conservation of silver
David Thickett, Boris Pretzel

(5 min break)


From spruce resin to Castoreum: Identification of organic residues on ancient projectile weapons
Kate Helwig, Jennifer Poulin, Valery Monahan, Christian Thomas

Near infrared-shortwave infrared fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy as an early warning sensor for glass deterioration
Lynn B. Brostoff, Stephanie Zaleski, Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford, Nicholas Kivi, Andrew C. Buechele, Isabelle S. Muller,  Murray H. Loew, Fenella G. France




End of day three