RAM 201: A Swedish man-of-war in Dutch waters; an archaeological field evaluation of the wreck of the Sophia Albertina

Research has revealed the identity of a Swedish man-of-war sunk in Dutch waters. An identification of this kind is still a rare event in Dutch underwater archaeology.

Swedish man-of-war in Dutch waters

In 2002, recreational divers happened upon a ship’s bell while diving in a wreck near Noorderhaaks, a sandbar southwest of the island of Texel. It turned out to be of Swedish origin. After correspondence with the Swedish National Maritime Museum, the theory was put forward that this could well be the Swedish man-of-war the Princess Sophia Albertina, which was lost in 1781. This theory was confirmed by an archaeological field evaluation conducted in the summer of 2004. The identification made the moderately to poorly preserved wreck a more valuable find and it has subsequently been classified as worthy of preservation.

This publication is also available in Dutch.


Series: Archaeological Heritage Management Reports 201
Author: A.B.M. Overmeer
ISBN/EAN: 9789057992001
The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency, Amersfoort, 2012