Onderzoeksprojecten JPICH, ronde 3

In 2017 werd de Joint Call on Digital Heritage georganiseerd. Hierbinnen worden de volgende onderzoeksprojecten uitgevoerd.

  • ARCH : Ancient Coinage as Related Cultural Heritage.
  • CADEAH: European History Reloaded: Curation and Appropriation of Digital Audiovisual Heritage.
  • DigiCONFLICT: Digital Heritage in Cultural Conflicts.
  • DigiDogon: Digitizing Dogon heritage. The legacy of Abirè, the Dogon prophet.
  • DReaM: The Dictionary/Grammar Machine: Computational Tools for Accessing the World’s Linguistic Heritage.
  • HOME: History of Medieval Europe.
  • READ ITReading Europe Advanced Data Investigation Tool.
  • SCHEDAR: Safeguarding the Cultural HEritage of Dance through Augmented Reality.

​Meer informatie over deze Joint Call on Digital Heritage is te vinden op de Engelstalige website van JPI on Cultural Heritage